Gallery “Beograd”, Kosančićev venac 19, Belgrade, February 2011.

The subject and aim of this exhibition was to create a visual opus where alchemical symbols were revised to express the contemporary female experience through a personal interpretation of archetype images of wholeness and inherited traditional ideas of male/female principles in the context of the process of individuation.

A-part -ness  was a part of my PhD project  in which the painting opus and theoretical analysis were based on analytical psychology that explicates alchemical symbolism as projection images of individuation. I investigated how the changing status and definitions of gender, female in particular, influence the changes in visual reinterpretation, explication and psychological identification with the archetype images of wholeness.



Paintings created during 2009 – 2011. Technique: acrylic and acrylic spray on canvas, 180 x 70 cm.

Apartness#00 and #01 – digital prints on canvas.