An Other Two

Gallery SULUJ – Belgrade, 2013.


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Text: Marko Kostic

As in the previous exhibition A-PART-NESS, Natalija Simeonović continous to interpret the history of alchemic symbolism through visual arts. Characteristic of the alchemic procedure, the framework of the exhibition AN OTHER TWO is thematically contextualised by the synthesis of two academic fields: science and art.

Alchemic experiments characteristic of the late Middle Ages in Christian Europe where carried out at a time when concepts like rational and spiritual, linguistic and numerical, magical and technical, creative and investigative were nor treated as separate systems of human culture. Alchemic operations which were combinatory and synthetic resemble the what we today call the multimedial structure of a work of art. Thus Natalija Simeonović grading the four phases of the alchemic cycle uses the visual technique not only for aesthetic reasons but for a storytelling narrative and mathematical calculations as well. Using the grading system, from black to red, from image to text, from singular to plural, from mixture to solution, from anima to animus, Natalija Simeonović puts this exhibition together as if it was an illustrated book bound by gallery space. (…) read more




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