YEAR 2021


YEAR 2019

 December: Mala grafika u organizaciji Grafičkog kolektiva/ Small format graphic,  Belgrade

November: Member of the jury for prizes of the Milena Pavlovic Bienalle, 2019

October: Group exhibition , Mala Grafika , Gallery Vista, Novi Sad

May – Majska izložba grafičkog kolektiva, May exhibition of graphic collective

AprilPrva nagrada u kategoriji digital art na izložbi Žene slikari – Majdanpek 2019/ First prize in digital art category, Women painters, Majdanpek

March: Heritige House Belgrade, Exhibition of professors of Belgrade

Politechnique College

YEAR 2018

September Serbian Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary, Annual 10th Exhibition of Art Colony 360

September  Solo exhibition “Face – Once Mine”, at Bartselona concept gallery, Belgrade, view link

April – XIV International exhibition of miniature art, Donji Milanovac, Serbia

Memento Mori-fication, digital print on graphic paper, 10x10cm, 2018

April – Interview for Korzo – portal for urban art and culture. Read here

YEAR 2017


November – XVI Milena Pavlovic Bienialle, “In The Light Of Milena”, Požarevac, Serbia

By invitation of this years bienialle selector Ana Milošević I created two pieces inspired by works of Milena Pavlovic Barilli.

Link za intervju povodom izložbe.

Self portrait with ladder


The Collage Show, Camden Image Gallery, London , UK

Check link to gallery


Honorable mention for miniature version of “Facing In”

VII International exhibition “Art in miniature Majdanart 2017”


The Collage Show , curated by Stefania Carozzini at

MyMicroGallery, Milan, Italy from 3- 15-th May , 2017

Link to gallery

Facing In (2)
Facing In, digital collage, 60x60cm, 2017


May 3th –  May 15th,  2017

Via Giovanni Boccaccio 24, 20123 Milano

Opening :  Wednesday  May 3th  18.30 -21.00

Barbara Bachner /Riccardo Bonfadini / Stefania Carrozzini / Beth Charles / Andrea Costa

Debora Fede/ Anne Hoerter/ Liz Moser / Paolo Nicola Rossini / Nelly Sanzi Juli  

Natalija Simeonovic /Vanessa Stelling /Laura Zeni / Susi Zucchi

 Mymicrogallery is pleased to announce the exhibition curated by Stefania Carrozzini “The Collage Show,” a dialectical confrontation between different media on the theme of the Collage. The fourteen participating artists present a selection of works by more traditional means, such as paper and assemblages, up to photo collage, interactive and digital.

From cinema to fashion, from art to music: the multiculturalism world that we live in has become such a sort of cut and past culture, so this trend is one of the most contemporary attitudes.  Up to the Internet world. This technique teaches the way to the freedom to build our own intellectual world and to experience information simultaneously.

Artists love the collage because it is simple, inexpensive, with apparently guaranteed results, at least formally. The next difference is the talent of the artists, their ability to associate disparate images, creating unexpected worlds. Contemporary artists are updating the modernist tradition with new tactics and new media.

It all began in the early twentieth century between 1911 and 1912, years in which Picasso produced “Still Life with Cane Chair”. He was the first to replace paint with paper, or better with Tarpaulin. The collage then has had over the years an evolution, from Boccioni’s theories of mixed media sculpture, and then Dada with Schwitters, Haussmann and Arp who exploited the infinite possibilities of photomontage. The surrealists then give voice and expression to the unconscious, the irrational floating submerged in a changing world.

Over the years the collage will become an acquired language for décollage artist Mimmo Rotella who came to reverse the process, tearing away or removing pieces of an original image. For many artists working in collage the traditional approach remains a source of perpetual fascination.

Shuffling of reality is not just the prerogative of art, think of fashion that “pastes” past and future, the music that mixes music of diverse cultures that are only apparently incompatible, to dance with the fusion style. Yes, because in our culture the key word is “fusion.”  The “cut and paste” is the Internet language. Think of Facebook or Instagram, large containers for billions of photos, movies, confessions, news, fake news, lies. Is a symbol of a whole world and, at the same time, it appears as its opposite as an immense river that passes, but also overwhelms. And everything is already there, within reach, no need to create anything new, because you have the illusion of grabbing reality, to reorganize the story, add another sense to the visible.

Perhaps the collage is one of all of the techniques that most humanistic, in that it binds us to this with the possibility of an overall view of life; it is a perceptual mode that mimics the speed of thought, trains us to the synthesis and expands our consciousness.

The reorganization by countless fragments of the visible is the trend of the future and it will be the ability to choose, to eliminate the superfluous to impose a style beyond all styles, in an aesthetic view where beauty rhymes with truth and simplicity. (Stefania Carrozzini)

Info:  (+39) 338 4305675

Archetype images lecture at  Art Yoga Center, Belgrade, 7th May


Exhibited in project Nothing is what it seems, curated by Stefania Carrozzini  at Camden Image Gallery – London, from 2 nd March – March14th

NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS – Steffania Carozzinni

The global society of big media, of technological superpowers, of communication of big data and of the consumers thereby controlled: this is the scenario in which the battle between being and appearing is fought out. The urgency of our contemporary society is to search for profoundness in time, extracting the eternal from the ephemeral.

Because we live immersed in an eternal present, where everything seems to condense in to the instance of a click, to regain a sense of time and of history is a liberating reaction.  To this end art comes to our rescue, a way towards the search for happiness, because the beauty of creation is the dimension of being which feeds on appearances to open to us the doors of knowledge.

It is in the will and the gesture of the artist that we find the melting point between being and appearing, the crossways between what is transitory and that which is projected towards immortality. “Nothing is as it seems”, sounds like a warning, an admonishment that one hears before entering a house full of mirrors, where it is easy to become lost if there is no perception that the infinite reflection of the images is in actual fact a misleading vision. When it is the things themselves which, as Baudrillard says, “swallow up their own reflection”, then we once more ask ourselves what is real and what is not.

Nowadays everything wants to be noticed, everything has to be seen, photographed. We are immersed in a sort of fascination which lends us a feeling of dizziness. We live in world of simulation and behind the orgy of images lurks the desire for sensation, to be discovered. In this excess of reality our ability to conceive the imaginary and utopia is in danger.

The return to the supreme dignity of our essence consists in being able to see beyond the limits of our sight. It is the awareness of this limit which makes us human, when we behold the sight of the immense beauty of nature. Circling the orbit of illusion we come across things which appear and disappear, which we cannot decipher. Everything is what it is because it is in opposition to other things.

Yet the conflict between opposites, as maintained by Heraclitus, is only apparent in as much as, opposites are one and the same thing and, still with Heraclitus “Hidden harmony is worth more than it seems”. Aware as we are that “ The nature of things likes to remain hidden”, we have to refine our personal compass and not let ourselves be manipulated by that which seems yet is not, and this requires a great effort, but we have no choice!  To what extent then, can art enter our collective individual consciousness in order to take us back to our vital core which sublimes all deceptive realities? The quest for truth is always the end towards which to strive. And there is no art without truth.

Appearance usually conceals, it has a relationship of similitude with the real truth, with the way things present themselves to our eyes, a never ending mimesis where dreams and human signs take part in the same destiny of the sensitive Universe. Love, is always the parameter to measure against. It is the unifying factor which brings together human beings and nature, a transparent mirror and the main player in the poetical sphere, it blends together all opposites which in the end, like an alchemical synthesis, reveal the illusory nature of the world and brings us to true reality.


Standing, work from the series Down the Current (2002) featured in

New This Week Saatchi Collection, by curator Rebecca Wilson.

View link !

Standing featured  once more in New This Week Saatchi Collection, by curator Rebecca Wilson. View link


YEAR 2016


International art project “30×30”, Cultural Center Gallery, Zrenjanin


My work featured on the Art UPON platform for contemporary independent artists.

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Ink- discipline of inspiration on exhibition

Ink- discipline of inspiration was an art project in which participated  my students from the first year of Graphic design  studies, and second year  Fashion design studies.The aim was to investigate various and diverse possibilities that the ink technique offers.  It was exhibited on the Annual Belgrade Politechnique College Student exhibition, House of Culture – Student City, New Belgrade 11.april- 27. april, 2016.  View more on Teaching

Ink- discipline of inspiration on exhibitionInk student project

YEAR 2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

12342411_934540789946353_3582665468637291767_nNovember – Scientific expert conferencePolitehnika 2015; Paper title: Symbolism of the circle in contemporary Serbian design and art. 

Group exhibition Umetnici saputnici, House of King Peter I, Belgrade

October –  Awarded Doctor of Fine Arts Degree, theses title: “Archetypes of wholeness and gender identity in exhibitions A-part-ness and Another Two, Faculty for Fine Art and Design- Belgrade.

Link to Abstract

_O2A1291      _O2A1307

October-December  Participation and photographer in project PTPI Belgrade-People to People in need-Understanding refugees and migrants through theater action. Link to blog

YEAR 2014

Group exhibitions


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Exhibitions (from top):
Belgrade Sales Gallery,  New Year Exhibition,
New Year Exhibition Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric Belgrade, Spring Exhibition ,  Zemun salon Gallery Stara Kapetanija, Autumn Exhibition Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzoric