Sixth International Trienialle of Extended Media, June 2022, Belgrade

Exhibition photos:  Milan Kralj

Text sbout exhibition:


Exhibition “In Pursue of Meaning”, Ostavinska and Magacin gallery, March -Belgrade 2020

In front of my sticker instalation “Women with hands on their hips”

Exhibition in Heritage House -Professors of Belgrade Politechnique College, March 2019

View video here


Bartselona gallery, September 2018, Belgrade

“Face – Once Mine” – Opening

Photos from the opening: David Pujado, Anamarija Vartabedijan, Sophie Graber

Video about exhibition link

The XVI Bienialle “In The Light Of Milena”, Milena Pavlovic Barilli Gallery, Požarevac




“The Collage Show” – Camden Image gallery, September, London


“Nothing Is As It Seems”, Camden Image Gallery, London, March 2017


Link to gallery

“An Other Two”,  opening at  SULUJ Gallery,  2013

O-dvojenosti / A-part-ness, Belgrade Sales gallery, 2011


Put Sahare – The Sahara Way, Museum of Afican Art, 2007

Exhibition of documentary photographs



Down -heaving,  Small gallery of National Museum of Modern Art, Kragujevac, 2004

Niz maticu – Down The Current, Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, 2002

Voyages, Art House Gallery, Tripoli – Libya, 1997


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