Art projects designed for students from Belgrade Polytechnic College

2016. Ink – Discipline of inspiration

During the spring semester I organized an art project called Ink- discipine of inspiration. Participants were my students from the first year of Graphic design  studies, and second year  Fashion design studies. The project was exhibited on the Annual Belgrade Politechnique College Student exhibition, House of Culture – Student City, New Belgrade 11.april- 27. april, 2016. 

Participants: (Graphic design) Saša Atanacković, Jelena Vukajlović, Stanislava Jovanović, Kristina Petrović, Nemanja Stevanović, Nikola Sekulić; (Fashion design)  Angela Donevska, Isidora Blagojević, Sonja Jovanovska


2012.   Personal in public   –   Javno (u)Lično

 Student`s City Gallery (exhibited as part of the Annual Student Exhibition)

Mentors on project –  Jelena Drobac and Natalija Simeonović



The projects aim was the exploration of different aspects of micro and macro totalities, through relations between personal and public spaces from the view of a young creator. Works in different media represented the street as a space where the intimate is not annulated but “announced”, and personal is not inverted within itself, but seeks a way towards functioning and communication with society. Through their  work students also raised questions about closeness and alienation analising the relationship between man and his creations and protected spaces of daily life.

Participants : Milica Zeljković, Miša Kostić, Branko Tešević, Marko Milanović, Momčilo Mičić, Anđelko Milanović