My artistic development and position is based on perceiving painting as the closest means to achieve self-knowledge, but also the way to have an substantial communication with the social surrounding. By reinterpreting archetype images I aim to actualize topics and processes that influence cognition and spiritual development,  simultaneously expressing  cultural and political standpoints.

In my DA art projects (A-part-ness and An Other Two) and theoretical work, alchemy symbols were used to revise and express a personal experience of archetype images of wholeness, as well as a motive for  reinterpretation of traditional ideas of male/female principles through the  context of the individuation process  in contemporary times.


Born in Belgrade 1974.

Detailed CV


2015. Awarded DA degree from Faculty for Art and Design, Belgrade. DA art projects titles: A-part-ness and Another Two. Title of PhD theses: “Archetype images and gender identity in exhibitions A-part-ness and An Other Two

2002. Master of Arts degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

1998. Graduated  in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade


2015   Symbolism of the circle in contemporary Serbian design and art.  
Scientific expert conferencePolitehnika 2015


Exhibited in 12 solo shows and numerous group exhibitions at home and abroad (Italy, Spain, France, Libya, Germany, Hungary and UK).

Collections: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Serbia; Egyptian Embassy in Belgrade; Collection of foundation Milena Pavlovic Barilli (Pozarevac), private collections at home and abroad (Sweden, Holland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Japan, USA, UK, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Egypt, Libya).

Grants/mentions: 2000 Scholarship from the Italian government for artist residence (6 months) at Fine Arts Academy, Florence, Italy.

2003 Honorary mention, 21st October Art salon, Kovin

2017 Honorary mention, Majdanart – Intrenational exhibition of miniature art, Majdanpek


Member of Fine Artist Association of Serbia (ULUS) since 2000

Member of OKO organisation in Belgrade (2013-2016)  and PTPI Serbia (2014/2015)


Since 1998, works at Belgrade College of Polytechnics, Design Department.

Position: professor


Regular yoga practitionar since year 2009.

Aspiring gardener.




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