Intermediary Art

Inheritance – Trienialle of Extended Media, June 2022 Cvijeta Zuzoric

This piece continues my exploration of the self-portrait theme . It consists of numerous family crochet pieces and a self-portrait relief made from needles. The feeling of ambivalence which is another of my favorite motives is embodied by the soft protectiveness and beauty of the crochets where the portrait is immersed simultaneously creating a feeling of being trapped nd helpless to release oneself from all the conscious and unconscious family inheritances.

Winter needlework – exhibition Gallery BLOK, New Belgrade, April 2021.

With her new exhibition, Natalija Simeonović s builds on her previous research of the standings and types of (female) individuals in contemporary society. This time, Simeonović placed the emphasis on the (re) construction of personal space and the visualization of intrapsychic-symbolic levels of the self, and less on its social dimensions. The backbone of the exhibition is a self-portrait, a digital print on canvas, on which the artist intervened with pins over which she applied acrylic paint. In addition to self-portraits, there are photographs of various stages of the work, some of which were taken from unusual angles, creating a grotesque effect /.. Dušica Popović, art historian

Full text about exhibition link

Winter needlework, mixed media object. 60x50cm, 2020-21

Winter needlework – work in making (2019/2020)

Winter needlework, Ostavinska gallery, group exhibition "The pursuite of meaning-my case",(curator J.Ahlgren) March, Belgrade

Face – Once Mine

Exhibition at Bartselona koncept gallery, Belgrade (17- 29th September 2018), Belgrade Design Destrict

Text about exhibition by Dušica Popović – link
Tekst povodom izložbe na srpskom, Dušica Popović – link

Project I Am Alice*

Exhibited at Kunsthalle Brennabor in Brandenburg/Havel, Germany

Sabine Kunster – author and curator of project

i am alice final
I Am Alice*, digital photo collage, 2018

XVI Biennialle -Milena Pavlovic Barilli, Pozarevac,2017

Room of Kept Illusions
Autoportrait With Ladder

“Dream sweet dreams” ( 2011 – till present day) – Ongoing Art Project

“Love of repetition is really the only happy one. Like memory, there is no unsettling hope, there is no scary adventure of discovery,  there is no melancholy of memory either, it is blessed by the security of the moment “
Seren Kjerkegor- Repetition

„Ljubav ponavljanja je stvarno jedino srećna. Ono kao i sećanja nema nemir nade, nema zastrašujuću pustolovnost otkrića, ali  nema ni melanholiju sećanja, ono ima blaženu sigurnost trenutka“

Seren Kjerkegor –Ponavljanje

Rad se sastoji od dve grupe fotografija: „Cipele“ i, „Spavanje“ i

Audio vizuelnog rada rada „Sanjaj lepe snove“

U dečijem svetu gde su prošlost i budućnost još uvek apstraktne, postoji stalna vladavina trenutka. Pridržavanje svakodnevnog ritma dnevnih roditeljskih „obaveza“ : oblačenja, hranjenja, pričanja priča i uspavljivanja obezbeđujemo mrežu sigurnih niti po kojoj dete otkriva svet oko sebe.

Monotonost ponavljanja za roditelja postaje ritual , za dete – prostranstvo. Od fotografija i porodičnih albuma nastaju lične arhive, čime , svesno ili nesvesno, zamenjujemo nekadašnje magijske rituale, obrede  ili molitve kojim se vrši čin zaštite onog što je najdragocenije.


Sve 03 (Small) (Medium)

Spavanje /Sleeping


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