Face – Once Mine,  Photography exhibition

Bartselona gallery – Belgrade, September 2018

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The Sahara Way – Documentary photography exhibition

Museum of African Arts, Belgrade year 2007.











Tadrart Acacus is a magnificent mountain range of volcanic origin in the south of Libya, close to the border with Algeria. By the number and quality it is one of the most important centers of prehistoric paintings in Africa.



The exhibition Sahara Way  included all important periods of african prehistoric art, which were selected and aranged  as three ambiences:
– An intersection of  periods and  sites of painting and engravings in Akakus;
– Landscapes (natural monumental sculptures and gates) and details (color and texture of rocks, sand, etc.)
– Photographs of objects with magical and mystical content, as well as shrines locations (the central part of the dome).



The Sahara Way was an exhibition of an  personal search for prehistoric paintings, as well as a document of the transformations of Sahara and human beings – their voyage between finality and timelessness, a single grain of sand and infinity.